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Settimo Roman Cuisine & Terrace in the historic center of Rome
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Settimo Roman Cuisine & Terrace

The name has a double meaning: it is a strong reference to the history of Rome (the seven kings of Rome and the seven hills on which the City was founded) and underlines the link between the Restaurant and the City: Settimo being a practical and immediate reference to the location – the 7th floor of the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese Hotel where the restaurant is located.

Contemporary roman cuisine and a breathtaking view from the rooftop: a great match to offer an all-round sensory experience.
At Settimo, we create unforgettable memories. A romantic venue, an incredible and unique space.

As a quiet watchtower, the rooftop, eclectic space combining contemporary lounge, vibrant bar, and restaurant. It is the place to be, and the place to be seen at.

Our Guests will live a full-in Roman Experience. Settimo avoids the cuisine’s obviousness, but it makes it distinctively Roman.

The limit between inside and outside disappears and it is enjoyable year-round
thanks to its floor to ceiling windows that make it a lovely winter hide-away.

Open every day of the year,
from morning at breakfast till late evening for dinner and cocktails.

From Monday to Friday from 06.30am until 10.30am
Saturday and Sunday from 07.00am until 11.00am

From Monday to Friday, Lunch from 12.00pm until 02.00pm
Dinner from 07.00pm until 10.30pm
Saturday and Sunday Lunch from 12.30 until 14.30
Dinner from 19.00 until 22.30

From Monday to Friday from 12.00pm until 00.30am (last order food at 11.30pm)
Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm until 00.30am
(last order food at 11.30pm)

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